Rediscovering Narratives of German Resistance

From the abstract:

During the postwar years, a specific narrative regarding the Nazi terror-state had developed that sought to explain German passivity during the Nazi years. These personal narratives of resistance snd helping Jews challenges the notion of German ‘passivity’. They also help us to better understand the range of resistance activity that was possible during the Third Reich. Furthermore, the interviews show the rifts that exist between different memory clusters. The narratives of the broader ‘passive’  German population clash with those who chose the path of resistance, often risking their lives to save Jews. The contrasting narrative structures between Germans and Jews are also considered.

Source: Rediscovering Narratives of German Resistance: Opposing the Nazi ‘Terror-State’ | Mark A Wolfgram –

There is a fine line to walk when pursuing a path to rethink the accepted narratives of history, and Professor Mark Wofgram of Oklahoma State is walking it well. To what degree were all Germans just sheep? And to what degree did passive and active resistance take place within Germany itself?

Vexing questions, sensitive ground. 


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