Who WAS Jimmy Doolittle?

Jimmy Doolittle: The Commander Behind the Legend
Benjamin W. Bishop
AU Press 2015
123 pages
Free Download

A command biography that makes an effort to get past the mythos that surrounds Doolittle and probe who he was as both a commander and a man. Free for the moment – enjoy it!

From the publisher:

As one of the most well-known Airmen of the twentieth century, Jimmy Doolittle is the subject of a significant number of books and articles. Despite their many virtues, these efforts have largely overlooked a very important portion of his life—his command of the Eighth Air Force. This study seeks to fill that gap. It draws upon multiple sources, including the mature body of biographical literature, archival documents, and Doolittle’s personal and military records. The overall conclusion is that behind Jimmy Doolittle’s daring and dashing façade was a measure of humility that fostered his growth as a general officer. Although his technical expertise forged trails in aviation history, it was Doolittle’s moral qualities that most significantly hastened the demise of the Luftwaffe. This finding suggests that while it is indeed prudent to foster the technical education of future senior leaders, it is even more important to nurture leaders of courage, boldness, and humility.



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