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OSS Report Leads to Nazi Weapons Facility

Austrian filmmaker uncovers apparent secret Nazi nuclear complex
Benjamin Weinthal
Jerusalem Post.
29 December 2014

Fascinating article about how an Austrian documentarian has discovered a US intelligence report from 1944 identifying St. Georgen an der Gusen as a major Nazi weapons research facility. More is still being unearthed about the underground facility, but it appears that research in either metallurgy or chemistry was being conducted there.

In the spate of small-r revisionism taking place, we are arguably overdue for someone to start scouring archives, digging into recently unclassified files and piecing together the disparate parts of the Nazi weapons research programs. We all need to understand what the Nazis accomplished, what they almost achieved, and who was involved.

And it is time to come to grips with how many ardent Nazis both we and the Soviets protected throughout the Cold War in order to gain access to the secrets of places like Peenemünde, Bergkristall, and St. Georgen an der Gusen.